The first post

The modern age has revolutionised the appeal of the public. Opinions, images, thoughts, comments, values, how-tos and what-not-to-do.

Whilst we have the ease of accessing a platform from which we can orchestrate the flow of our voice and express our judgements, we are inundated with the beliefs of others. At this period of great freedom of ideas and voice, we are barraged with so many that it is, at times, difficult to navigate.

So why should I add my voice? What am I trying to create?

  • Mainly, I aim to found a community to connect with. Drudging through the Internet has its distractions and destructions, so I want to lay down my own ideas here, and hopefully connect with people of similar wants, from which we can bounce ideas and comments – with knowledge and enjoyment gained by all.
  • Also, through posting content of my own pursuits and hobbies, I can create my own little digital amphitheatre, to be enjoyed by future me, and hopefully others.
  • I anticapte using this platform to delve deep in the topics that I suspect this audience will be interested in – something to employ my grey matter to.
  • I pledge to only supply your eyes with high quality posts, opinions that have been measured, and facts that can be backed up. I aim not to add to the low quality hum of information which blankets the Web.

My hobbies range: running and reading, knitting and sailing, camping and baking. I like to know how things work; from fueling the human body to how past civilizations constructed harbours, how we look at stars to how best to brew tea. Such, and more, will be written about here. It is best, at times, to have fun in life. So attempts will be made to provide this, as much as is possible through such a medium. Here feats of endurance and craftful beauty will be displayed for your enjoyment and wonder.

That is the plan anyway. Plans, as Burns notes, ‘gang aft agley’.

At the time being, I am in Switzerland. I will use the time I have here to go over my recent years of life, and chronicle them within this website – expect great adventures! At the end of May, I will be racing in a 100-mile foot race. Perhaps I can claim to be an ultra – marathon-er in a month! Or, perhaps not.

Posts to come on baking sourdough bread, dog sledding in the Arctic, cycling a long way, running up mountains, camping on tree stumps, and some opinions on the books I am reading. Nothing too heavy just yet, but we have only just begun – and there is much left to say.