Hi! I’m Sam. A 25 year old from Yorkshire, England. A lot of the time you won’t find me near home though, as I tend to wander. On this site I wish to share my travels, and some of my other pursuits – I like adventure, good food, and books. If these things tickle your fancy, you’re in luck!

Recently, I’ve been spending time in the European Arctic. As a big dog lover I took a job as a husky handler and sled guide, and spent two years in the cold! I have plenty of stories to tell on this, so stay around to learn about the life up there!

Currently I’m running around Switzerland, attempting an ultra-marathon at the end of May. In summer I will be heading home to England, back to the crabs.

In the future I wish to write some kind of book, involving my travels and perhaps some of my imagination. I am going to use this platform to practice my writing style, and bounce ideas around with your feedback!

the best doggos ❤

Please feel free to critize & compliment anything on this site. Also, say hello via the comments and follow along with my posts 🙂

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